Sunday, September 27, 2009

Play Dates

I love play dates. Tonight we had the privilege of having a really great family over for dinner and some play time. She brought a few things, I had a few things, I mixed up bread earlier in the day, and we put together potato soup. Yummy! we had potato soup and homemade bread, with fresh honey from the Native American Tribe in our area.
It is so nice to be able to talk to another mom while the children are playing. So, her four, with our four, equals fun times! I sent some soup and bread with her for her husband who was not able to join due to work. A great ending to a great day. Wonderful worship this morning, the service was just amazing. I love when God's word is spoken in black and white.

I also got permission to share what few photos I took from another play date we had recently with MckMama!!! :) We had an amazing time, amazing food, an amazing cake that Amanda made that MckMama also blogged about here. MckMama made the most amazing wraps!
The kids played so well together, and I'm almost sure we probably over stayed our welcome! I had a really hard time getting the children to leave, as they stated that they were staying all day. I was pretty sure however, that if we stayed all day, we would definitely over stay our welcome. hehe So, here are the photos. I don't have a lot, since I was so content to just sit in the country and smell the fresh air, and listen to the great conversation.


Hopefully we have more playdates in our future!

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