Sunday, September 27, 2009

Applesauce and This mornings Musings

This is what it often looks like at our house when it is a rainy day.

Michael is learning new things these days. at 7 months he is crawling, using his forearms not his hands though, and pulling himself up on shelves!

I love this little boy he is such a delight, along with our other children. What a blessing they are in our lives. I made tortillas again, and apparently Elyana knew just what to do. Go figure.

We made applesauce yesterday with the Tieben family. What a very fun time! We took our stuff over there, started in on the apples, and Tony made us breakfast. The children barely took time to eat! they didn't want to eat all day, but when we got home, they were begging for food! Leah took some pictures, Tony took some pictures can you tell which??

Hmmm..Looks like Leah on this oneUmm.. I'm thinking Tony!

Yep, it was definately Tony.

Oh this one??? This was was definately Leah. I think she took it for Steve though.

Leah took this one too. Glad she took some!

Leah canned some of her apples, and I canned some of mine, together we got quite a bit of applesauce! I left in the middle to do Gabe and Gini's preschool screening, in which they passed! Then we made more sauce, Leah made a dessert, which was amazing, we had lunch, we cleaned up, we won't say how the toy room looked. :)

The children and I thanked them for a great day, went home, unloaded everything, cleaned up the kitchen, and tried to figure out something for dinner, since I had forgotten to put the roast in the cooker. Like I would ever do that!

Steve commented on how well the kitchen looked, we tried to cook dinner (yes I said we) while I had two water bath cookers on as well. We ate a late dinner, had some fellowship, I made apple bread, and sausage gravy.

This morning I made him scrambled eggs with hashbrowns and biscuits, sent him to work with that, leftovers for lunch, and a loaf of applebread.

So, now I'm up alone, thinking, listening to music for this morning which I don't normally get to do. It will be so awesome to have my piano moved into the house, and tuned. I'll get pictures when it happens.
So, for now, I had better go get ready for church, so that I can wake all the children up and get them ready as well. Can't wait to go worship the Lord, and see what He has for me!

PS We also had another play date as well, recently, and hopefully I'll be able to share photos of that. For now, here's the link to see the Hostess's photos!

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  1. I just have to say your amazing!! Linda


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