Monday, March 29, 2010

Reflection...and a Yellow Stripe

I'm sitting here watching Castle. It's a very fun show. It's drama, and comedy at the same time. Heavy, and yet light. I wanted to watch it one night when Steve was home, and now it "our show" that we watch together when he's home. I look forward to it every week!
There has been so many things that have happened in the last year alone! We have moved 4 times in the last 2 years! Our children have been real troopers for sure, and my family has tried so hard (succeeding ) to support us, all the while missing us desperately as we do them.
We had the privilege to have my sister Elyse come visit us for a week. Oh what fun we had with her. We didn't go do a lot of stuff. We wanted to be able to take the time to have a good visit. We did go to the gym and work out a couple of times, and managed to go to the zoo. It was nice to have her help for the younger three children's doctor appts! I managed to not cry when I dropped her off at the train station, but it was so hard. My little sisters and brothers are growing up so fast. Sometimes I regret not being as close to the youngest two, and that is mainly because we haven't been able to spend as much time with them. However, now that they are getting a little older, and more comfortable with going places on their own, we can work this out!
We have been taking Gabryel and Virginia to karate classes that are free, being offered by a 2nd degree blackbelt instructor, who is also the pastor at the local 7th day Adventist church. He sets up a mat in the church, and then has three classes. The children are having so much fun! So, Gabe has been practicing with Steve, and tested for his yellow stripe! He got it! He was so excited, and he showed everyone in the room (there were only 3 other people), gave them high fives, and came to me to show me again. I was going to give him a high five, and he stepped in and gave me hug. Man I feel loved, and special! Gabe is so special. All my children are. But you know how they are all special in their own way? I look at one and think "he/she's so cute! I just can't handle it " then look at the others the same way! Steve and I are just so blessed to have our children. I read a quote from an online friends husband about birth control. " the only reason I wouldn't want more children would be selfishly motivated, I want more time for myself, for me and my wife, more money to spend on me, a quite house, etc. etc... When I personally was convicted about it though was when I realized how often my prayers would include asking for the Lords blessings and then you get smacked in the face with Gods word that says children are His greatest blessing to us, it just seemed silly to deny myself what God had intended to Give me. (The complete conversation is here.
It really made me think though. So many times we pray for God's blessings, and when He tries to give them to us, we turn away, because it's not what we thought that we wanted. Does that make sense?
I love just having one baby in diapers as well! Ahhh it feels like such a break! lol funny right? Michael is also only nursing about 2-3 times a day, sometimes turning it down fora drink out of a cup, or even a different snack. So, that's a morning feeding, nap time, and bed time. He is such a good baby and so fun, with such a good attitude. He is starting to realize though that he can try to be naughty and get away with things, such as running away when I tell him to come to me, deliberately ripping stuff off of shelves, or throwing food on the floor. The we get the "oohh" what a silly boy. :)
Virginia woke up today and said her neck and back really hurt. I called our chiropractor, made an appointment for her for tomorrow (she's never been) and asked what I could do for her. Ice? Heat? Both? She said ice, so Gini laid on the couch watching movies with the ice pack. She said it does feel a little better, but I told her this morning it was probably because she slept wrong. So tonight she was throwing a FIT about going to bed, and finally said (or wailed) "but I don't wanna go to bed! If I go to bed I might sleep wrong and wake up hurting!!!!" So I gave her a hug, and put my hands on either side of her face, and said " Jesus is going to take care of you. In the morning if you're still hurting, we're going to see Dr Jodi and she will help fix your back and neck so it won't hurt." She said okay and was able to then go to bed. I've realized that lately she is getting better at saying why she feels the way she feels instead of just saying " I don't know"! There are days, lots of them in fact, that she severely tries my patience, but I think that I am making progress with her. This past week has been rough but a few weeks before that, were better than normal.

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