Friday, October 2, 2009

A Photographer I am NOT!

A photographer I am not! Oh how I would love to be though. I love good photography. There are a couple that I follow. How I wish we could afford to have them do our family photos.
I do not have photo shop. Man do I wish I did sometimes though! Who am I kidding? I still have diapers to sew, shelves to make, knitting to do, curtains to make, and school for the kiddos! I barely take time to update our blog, let alone sit down and try to fix my amateur photography (if we could call it that). I do however, love to take pictures! So, I have quite a few to share.
We did apple pie filling earlier this week, as a family. We had a blast! As soon as I brought the camera out, Michael walked his walker right in front of me and cheezed it up! Hmm...

Everyone got to take turns turning the peeler, which was given to me when I worked at a restaurant in Michigan by one of our regular coffee drinkers!

Of course it was a little slow going with the children, so Steve had to get in there and do a few fast ones so that he could core them.

And then Michael was still following me trying to get in the picture! No, I am not making that up!

Here's what the filling looks like so far.08.jpg" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5388200338324055746" border="0">

Elyana got in trouble. Hehe so I think it was a little mean to take a picture, but in all fairness, I was taking a picture of Gabe doing the peeler and this all happened at the same time.

She's running to me. She thinks I'll save her.Filling+011.jpg" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5388200836907252194" border="0">
Getting ready to go in the canner!

Here is the end result. We got 19 quarts, and now will be getting more apples to make more! Have to have enough for the winter time. We like to share also.

Now there's the clean up though. Some day I am going to take a picture of the kitchen right after it's been cleaned, so that I can show that yes, it does get cleaned! It's just that our cook comes in for breakfast lunch and dinner, and makes a terrible mess when she cooks!

Then there's my guys. :) Aren't they just handsome??

I got to go to the store the other day by myself. Steve showed me this when I got back .He said Michael was in there, just talking away, then he was quiet. Steve looked over, and Michael was in this position! He assured me that he hadn't had Michael in there for very long! Hehe

Then I was cleaning the kitchen last night, and didn't hear Michael for a while. Steve said the show must have been boring. ://" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5388201222419658322" border="0">

I love it, Michael is a daddy's boy, and get's so excited to see his daddy. I just love this photo of them.
So now that I've shown you some photos, I must go get some shut eye. Our little angels have not been sleeping well. Teeth, and Michael is still waking up coughing. If you think about it, pray for him would you? I've been keeping in touch with the phone nurse, and I'm going to give it a bit more time as they said the cough can hang on for about 2-3 wks, but if he has a really hard time breathing, we will take him in to make sure it is nothing more.

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