Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summertime 2

I posted a little about the last couple of weeks in my last post, but this picture is for a contest. I am no photographer, but I love capturing things on camera!
I love watching out babies sleep, and capturing their cute sleep positions on camera. too bad I missed the one of him standing on the floor leaning over the bed sleeping on his toddler bed that he is now in! lol


Summer is so much fun!!! We have been so very busy here! Planting a little garden (no room for a big one. We used to have a 60x60 garden). I got rid of all the flowers that were in the beds here at our rental house, and planted some tomatoes, chives, basil, thai hot peppers, bell peppers, green beans, cucumbers, and zuccini. I do believe we may have enough zuccini to feed Jodan AND Shakopee!!!

Last week I took all 4 children, and picked 10 ice cream buckets of Strawberries in Monticello, and The Strawberry Basket. Amazing berries, so much fun! The kids were sooo good. The lady at the patch kept saying that (we were there for 3 hours) and I didn't even realize, she was telling the other people at the patch as well! That made my day. Especially since it was about 90 degrees out, and full sun, and they had nothing to do! So we have some berries in the freezer, some jam in jars. I made homemade yogurt, and we have been having smoothies. Yummy!

It can be so tiring!

But oh, so worth it!

60 lbs

of bright red and purple berries.

On a different note, I was talking to Steve while he was at work the other night and saw something move on the floor. I looked over, and this salamander walked by!!!! I yelped, Oh my gosh, what is that!??!!!?? Steve is trying to figure out what is going on, while I'm freaking out on the phone. hehe All the neighbors were sleeping, so that left me to get it out of the house, or risk stepping on it (or worse finding it in my bed if that's possible) if I had to get up in the middle of the night for the babies or bathroom. Needless to say, once I got it out (which I did by using a belt and gently guiding it the way I wanted it to go) it took a while to get to sleep that night! :)

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