Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy Fall

It has been a very busy fall for us so far. Canning, freezing, sewing, playdates, Mops, church, growth group.
Too many things to name I think. Trying to keep up with the day to day chores are just that. Chores. It is a never ending battle, that sometimes I feel like I am waging on my own. Steve does help when he gets a chance to. Laundry never seems to end, of course it doesn't help to have to babysit the dryer to make sure that the door stays closed! hehe
I have made the decision though that no matter what, I am going to try to really cherish these years while they are here. This age is so important and fun. All the time spent trying to keep the house "perfect" takes away from important time that could be spent reading/playing with the children, teaching them things, and learning from them. Loving them. So, as I embark on this quest to try to build a better/closer relationship with my children, and learn more about what makes them tick, and what discipline works better with each one, I ask for prayers. Because we all know that as soon as we make decisions to do the right thing, the devil comes in to try to ruin everything. We fight spiritual battles that many times we do not really realize are spiritual battles. I am going to don the armor of God. I know that through God's strength I can do what needs to be done! I'm sure I will find that as I do this, the house will also stay picked up better! Because I will be concentrating on what God wants me to instead of what I want to.

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