Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today I made tortillas again. Man, did these turn out better than the last ones! Soft, and everything. I cut some up and put a little salt on, then baked them into tortilla chips to go with the salsa I made the other day. Very yummy. I tried to make the others too big, and they weren't cooking right at the edges, I burnt alot of them. Gabe was upset that the tortillas that Hannah and Ruth made when they were here were gone. They were smaller. When we ran out I tried to make his wrap on the big ones, and he said " I want it on a kid tortilla" hehe It was so cute, so I made smaller ones today, and he said "are those kids tortillas?" hehe I love my little Gabe.

He took quite a spill on his bike today. Of course what child doesn't? I can remember some nasty spills of mine. Now of course I know why mom was always freaking out. :) All he did was scrape up his elbow though. Thank you Jesus it wasn't worse on that blacktop.

Gabe and Gini have been fighting like crazy! They are bored. They want to go outside to play. They can't by themselves because of our location. I still have not figured out how to keep up with the house and errands (I have a hard enough time keeping up when we're home all the time then add trips to town, etc) and make sure I get them outside to play as well. An hour or two a day is just not enough in my opinion. When I was little, we were outside all.the.time.. So, we're praying for the Lord to open something up so we can rent/buy something with a backyard, and other children around. We'd also like to get a dog again. We really miss our animals. I would LOVE to have an English Mastiff or St Bernard.. Steve says no. He really wants to get another Chocolate Lab. We just LOVED Gunnar, and he was so good with the children. If I couldn't find them, all I had to do was call him, and that was where the children were. They were always together. If they were in trouble, he was watching over them, and most likely in trouble with them. So, I suppose if we find another one like him, I'll be happy with that. The other two breeds are just my absolute dream dogs. "sigh"

Elyana fell off our bed early this morning. She was not badly hurt though. For some reason she was on the outside instead of in the middle. My fault. She pretty much sleeps with us every night right now. She is teething, and just needing time with usin general. It doesn't last long, so we don't mind. She's a big cuddle bug just like Gabe was. Just awesome. Michael is a cuddler too, but he is very good at juts being content. He is the best baby ever. He sleeps through the night, which I realize will come and go depending on knew things learned and teething, but it is a very big help for me.

When I found out I was pregnant I cried, and was depressed for a while trying to come to terms with it. We felt like the Lord was asking us to put our fertility in HIS hands. I know a lot of people don't agree with it, you know, the whole "God gave us brains we need to use them" . However, He asks us each to trust Him with different things, and this was one area, where we knew without a doubt that's what He wanted. So I just prayed and we did try to naturally keep from getting pregnant, and I prayed some more that we wouldn't have another child for another 2 yrs. and here Elyana was only 2 months when I found out! Well, just a tad bit over 2 months. I cried and was mad, and asked God why me? I prayed. God knows what He's doing! He sees the whole picture. I am so happy to have Michael in our lives. He is a joy. Yes, I am busier, but he is cute, funny, good natured, and most importantly a gift from the LORD! Thank you Jesus for each and every gift that You have bestowed upon us. Give us wisdom, and help us to remember that the children, the "things we own" , the money we have is not ours but Yours to do with what YOU would have us do, not what WE want to do. We are to learn to "manage" YOUR money that you have leant to us.

Steve is picking up quite a few over time hours this month, which is really a blessing. It means we won't see him as much, but the hours work really well for us right now. We are hoping to take this weekend and enjoy a trip to Benson to visit some very dear friends there. Please pray for wisdom and safety with Steve's job, and for peace.

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