Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy Weekend

Dad is home from work, and showing Gabe and Gini the finer points of eating Pop Rocks (compliments of the Clark Family ).

Elyana thinks that climbing to the top bunk is great! Even though she KNOWS she is not allowed to!

Thursday, I took all the children for a treat (McDonald's) and then to the park to eat it. We found a great park that has a little clubhouse.

Michael chewed on his toy for a little while during play time.

They love to climb on the jungle gym and slide down the slide. If it has to do with climbing, they love it.

As for the girls, along with their love of climbing all things huge

they love to swing! Elyana was having a day with a little attitude.

Of course, who doesnt' like to dig in the sand!

Elyana has also discovered she can slide all on her own!

Upon throwing away our garbage, we also found this nasty looking Spider. Black, with white spots, and very fuzzy.

Then we got the grill going fo dinner before dad got home. He's not a big fan of roast, so I took the roast that we got on sale at Sam's club ($1.98 lb chuck roast) and cut it to grill as steaks. Pork and Beans, with added spices and bbq sauce, and baked potatoes.

Daddy arrived home and Elyana woke up, and ran right to him. Daddy's girl.

She wasn't in a great mood, and wanted me. She had come out of the bedrooms with one of my tank tops around her neck walking around. hehe
As you can see she is thrilled with the fact that I wanted to take a

picture of her with her little brother.

Then dinner was finally done! It turned out so good!
Leftovers were refridgerated for Steak, Eggs and Potatoes in the morning.

After dinner the next night, clean up time, while baking cookies!

Gabe is such a big boy, and is starting to wear underwear to bed now! :)
Finishing up undloading the dishwasher, and as you can see, the children
and I are very neat cooks.

As you can tell, I keep a very clean house. *Ahem*
I have been told be many, that the mess will be there later, but the children grow up quickly. Most of the time I choose to make sure that the children are having fun, and getting my attention as I can clean later. This also means that I don't always get a lot of sleep. I am, however, blessed with a husband who helps me around the house even after a long day of work. I thank the Lord for giving me an awesome husband in Steve. He is Mr. Command, and is a very good provider. The Lord is teaching us to trust Him more and more.

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