Sunday, June 7, 2009

all about our week

Last Friday night we decided to go have a family dinner at a place called the "OK Corral". I don't think we'll be eating there again. The deco is phenomenal, all the things I would LOVE to decorate my house with! I should go back just to get pictures. Anyway, I decided on the prime rib, Steve got a steak, Gabe and Gini got the chicken tenders. Elyana was eating my salad with Bleu Cheese dressing! I thought that was pretty good for a 15 mo old. Most children don't even want salad, and hate bleu cheese! hehe Gabe at half of Steve's Cesar salad. We ended up paying $50. for 4 meals. The prime rib was cold, and had to be sent back to warm up, the steak that was supposed to be med well, was well done and had no flavor. Steve doesn't use A-1, and he was globing it on. On the upside, the chicken was good, the steak fries were good and we had a great time out.

Last Saturday was considerably better than the last few weeks at the ball games! And....Virginia was actually smiling!YAY!! She still didn't run around the field, but smiling and kicking the ball on her own, and buddying up with the coaches daughter are things that say we are moving in the right directions! Gabe is doing awesome in T-ball, and he loves it. Next year he wants to do soccer though.

We are checking out preschools. Most are very expensive, and we won't consider something we have to pay for. So, I may be getting Information from my mom about the books she used for all the children. They worked very well, and most of the other homeschoolers have used the same ones. Fun fact, Gabe and Gini will be one year apart in school, but if we homeschool, may end up in the same grade! Gabe can write his name, so now he gets to sign all the cards that we send out. We sent Mom (my mom) a bithday card, and we did all the hand prints in a row. I painted their hand, and we stuck it on the card. Each had their own page, and Gabe got to sign his name on his. Everyone got to color a bit, as well.

Soo, I thought Elyana has been calling me all the time. Yeah.Right. She only calls me when she wants something. Everytime she hears Michael or sees him, she says "MiMi" (Mymy). She just LOVES him! She is always kissing on him and hugging him. They are our irish twins.

We received a wonderful surprise care package from a great family. A big thank you to the Clark family!! :) It literally brought tears to my eyes. In it was something from everyone. A dish set for Michael, a spatula and bags for me, doll and candy for Elyana, candy and basket ball hoop for Gabe he shares that, as everyone enjoys it! I'll have to post photos. Candy and coloring book complete with scented markers, for Gini! What fun! Last but not least, a family movie night package. Davy 1&2, complete with boxes of candy! :) I'll take photos when we use that as well. It was better than Christmas! You can view her blog at

I am working on some information for a post around Halloween. Most people do not know what they are really doing and what all of the activities signify when they celebrate, and so I thought I'd do the research, and put it in here, so that people could be a little more informed in their decision making. If you have any information to share, feel free, just send it to
(I still am not sure how to get the links to work, so work with me here. )

Who are we rooting for??


I started giving Michael some cereal and sweet potatoes, he loves it! I don't want to give him a lot of food, as I want him to take as many calories from me as possible, so I'm not really in a hurry for him to have a lot of food. He does seem to be asking for it lately though. He gets very excited when I am eating, and if he sees his spoon and bowl.
Gini's soccer game, and Daddy got to play with her! She was excited.

We have been staying pretty busy this week, trying to keep up with housework, and trying to make sure the children get a chance to play outside as well.
I have been very blessed to be a part of the worship team at church. We have been going through some teaching series that are pretty heavy, but very freeing. You can also hear them on the website. Our last series was Life.Money.Hope by Dave Ramsey, and currently we are going through Girls With Grit. Getting past your past Today was awesome!

Steve passed his Chief A test, so that is the highest possible license to hold here in Minnesota! Yay! No more testing, only renewing. I'll post those pictures as well. He was very happy, and I am very proud of him. He is very good at what he does, and I love his heart for the Lord and that he wants to lead our family in the ways of the Lord.
We are so blessed with our family and friends.

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