Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Days

Shew! We have been staying way to busy! We joined the gym here, and daycare is including, and our whole family loves it! The children (especially Gabe) tell me "I don't have any energy I need to go work out". It's so dang cute. So, we work out about 5 times a week, on Steve's day's off we all go together, when he's on nights he stops by after work, and when he's on days, sometimes we meet him there after work.
Gabe woke up this morning with his very first loose tooth. I went in to change Michael and Gabe popped right up, and said "mom, my tooth is loose". I didn't believe him at first ( I didn't let him know) I just said, "It is? Let me see." It was! hah! He's so stoked, it's hilarious, endearing, and cute. He's been playing with it all day in hopes that it will fall out faster.
Gini is our little scholar I think. All of our children are well beyond smart (I could be a little biased) but she just begs to do extra pages in her workbook, and has a memory like you wouldn't believe. Now, I realize that children have a great memory, but Gini never ceases to astound us with hers! I have started giving her piano lessons, and she loves it. Both her and Gabe are doing a free karate class offered at the Seventh Day Adventist church near us. So fun!
Elyana has potty trained herself . She has been wearing underwear from the getgo. Her butt is so skinny that her clothes don't fit! they don't make underwear her size! She is so big. She knows pretty much all of her ABC's (she loves to repeat the song over and over and over and..well, you get the picture) and her potty training lasted under three weeks! She just turned two on Sat. Only one in diapers now! Woohoo!
Michael is our little love. He's so stinking cute (like the rest of 'em). He started walking a couple of months ago, and just turned one. He can say no and go.. and can sign please, all done, and thank you, more, and eat.. He usually sleeps through the night, and is our little door nazi. hehe he goes around with Elyana and closes all the doors!
Tuesdays' Steve and I started doing the kickboxing class at the gym, and we love it!! She works us hard, makes it fun, and it's non-choreographed, so we use the gloves and pads and such. Very cool.
We just got done doing a series out our church on sex God's way. You can find the messages here, and they are video messages, so you get to see all the expressions, etc!~

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  1. Your such a proud momma.. :) love reading all the little details about your motherhood adventures..

    How's the gym going?


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