Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ball Games

This is our first year for t-ball with Gabe. He is having a blast. All winter he begged to do soccer, and the last day, changed his mind. I grilled and grilled all day, and he was adament it was t-ball he wanted to do! So, here we are. Saturday's until mid June are t-ball and soccer.
Today, it was freezing. As was last week. As was the week before!! So it was 55 degrees, but with 20+ mile and hour winds, that's cold!
Contrary to my fears though, Gabe is loving t-ball, although he does still want to play soccer. So, maybe next time. He is right handed, but surprises me as everytime he picks up a bat, he instantly goes left handed. So, we are going to help him use both hands!

As you can clearly see, Virginia is less than thrilled about playing soccer! HeeHee As of right now, I am going to blame it on the fact that it was FUHREEZING out there last week and this, and she is just a bit shy. We have a break next weekend for the holiday's, and I am hoping that it will warm up by the next weekend, and then she will feel more like playing.

Elyana on the other hand, wants to play soccer, and I can be seen at all times (unless she is locked in the stroller or Steve is there) chasing her and carrying her off the soccer field as she steals the ball. Unfortunately I did not have enough hands to get a picture of this. I'm sure you can imagine your own though.

Oh Michael??? He's always in the sling, running around the field with me. He likes to play too ya know, and mom can't go so far away from him. He's a mamma's boy he's not afraid to admit it.

Steve and I , surprise surprise, got to have almost 2 hours of time alone while all the children took their naps! What did we do? cuddled up on the couch and watch "The Patriot".

As I type right now, he is on the other computer playing a game, Gabe, Gini, and Michael are asleep, and Elyana is sitting on the table in front of me touching all the letters on the screen.

So, it's off I go to put her to sleep!

Tomorrow is a big day, my first day on the worship team, at Meadow Springs! Pray for me, that God will use me as He sees fit, and that my flesh will not stand in the way of what He wants to do.

If I don't forget, soon I will post pictures of our nature trip to the state park in Mankato.

The Chapates Family

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